Home Seller's Checklist

success4A home is often the biggest single asset most people own, but it’s also filled with memories — the average seller has lived in his house for a decade. So, when it comes time to sell property, people can get a little emotional. Yet if you actually want to get a return on your investment, you need to be smart about how you approach selling it. Letting emotions, not logic, drive decisions means you’re more likely to make mistakes that can make it difficult to find a buyer or force you into accepting a lower offer than you would like.

  1. Setting Expectations
    Having a handle on your wants, needs and expectations early on ensures we are always working towards the same goal together. Knowing what “results” means to you is always paramount.
  2. Looking At It Differently
    This is the crucial first step. We’ll discuss recommended actions like statging or de-cluttering. We’ll talk openly and honestly about your home’s best features and biggest  drawbacks. Most importantly, you will provide valuable insight about what drew YOU to the home in the first place, helping me market it more effectively.
  3. Pricing Strategies
    Pricing your home properly from its first day on the market is critical to our success. Pricing either too high or too low creates unnecessary pitfals. My goal is to price your home correctly from the get-go. Doing so will save you time and, most importantly, money. My extensive experience and market knowledge is the solution for success.
  4. Making The Cut
    Proper staging of your home is more crucial than you might think. You and I know that your home is great. Staging can make it extraordinary. Even without professional staging, professional photography is incredibly important. Regardless of the market, buyers will eliminate those that are not visually appealing to them. 90% of buyers are looking at online listings and making the decision whether or not your home is one they want to visit based on the listing pictures.
  5. Marketing Your Home
    Marketing your home properly takes experience and understanding. I’ve got both. I know the San Diego real estate market front and back, and I work with you to make informed, strategic decisions when it comes to marketing your home.

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